Types of Computer
1. Mainframes
Mainframe computers are large computers which are mostly used by large companies and organisations to do critical applications. The large ‘cabinet’ like computers are most often used to store the central processing units and main memory of early computers.

2. Mini Computers
Mini computers have most of the same qualities of a regular computers but are smaller in physical size.

3. PCs
A pc is a personal computer mainly used in homes and offices for various tasks.

4. Laptops
Laptops are portable computers which fold to be flat and easy to store. They are light and easy to move as they are wireless for people to use on the go.

5. Tablet
A tablet is a touch-screen computer which can be used portably as is wireless and has an onscreen keyboard so therefore is flat and easy to store.

6. Smart Phone – PDAs – Personal Digital Assistant
A smart phone is like a small tablet which allows contact with others as well as calendars and personal reminders as well as various other applications to help with modern life.

7. Game Controller/Console
Game controllers and consoles are used for playing on screen games and the player can use the controller as a remote while the console loads the game.

8. Control Systems – factory, fridges, washing machine, car management
A control system is a device which manages various systems in other devices and controls what they do these can range from machines in a factory creating a car to a fridge monitoring the temperature.