Computer Misuse Act
The computer misuse act 1990 was a law passed by the British government to stop the growing increase of hackers in Britain.
What it covers:
1. Unauthorised access
Hackers who attempt to break into other computer networks to get enjoyment, profit, protesting and a challenge.
2. Unauthorised access with intent to commit another crime
This law stops people from hacking into other people’s computers with an intent to commit a crime such as stealing from a bank account.
3. Unauthorised modification of data
This law was created to stop hackers changing data without permission of the original user.
1. Viruses
A virus is a piece of code which can multiply and expand when in your computer which usually has a destructive intent.
2. Malware
Malware is software created specifically to harm a computer system.
a. Adware
Adware is a piece of software designed to run whilst a banner or advertisement is on the screen (Trojan).
b. Spyware
Software which allows the user to convert or obtain details and data on another computer.
3. Spam
Spam tends to be messages sent over the internet such as emails (normally to large amounts of recipients) as a method of advertising or sharing large items and pictures.
4. Hacking
To gain unauthorised access to another computer (breaking in).
5. Botnets
Botnets are infected computers which are used as a group by a hacker without the owner’s knowledge.
Examples of Hacking
1. Wargames – 1981/83
Wargames is a movie which came out in the early 1980s that described a true story of a boy who hacked into the American missile system and was just a few coded digits away from launching a nuclear missile. In the film it appears that the boy did it by accident however in reality it was a determined purposeful event.
2. Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon was an autistic young man who in the early 2000s was convinced that aliens were landing on earth and he thought that the best way to get information on these aliens was to hack into the NASA security system which he did successfully.
3. Lauri Love
Lauri Love is a 30 year old male who hacked into several agencies including NASA and the US army and has recently been arrested from an address in Suffolk due to his crimes.

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