Software is a set of previously recorded set instructions used by the computer. For example clicking on an icon is written in part of the computer code and when you click on it that instruction is completed.

Types of Software
1. Licenced
Licenced software lets the creator choose how many people can use their software. Also if the copyright law is installed then no one can use your software idea in their own design.
a. Individual copy
b. The individual copy licence means that only one machine can use your software at any one time.
c. Site Licence
The site licence allows your software to be open to the public and for anyone to download and use it.
d. Network Licence
The network licence means that people choose how many machines they want to use your software on and then pay for that certain number of machines.
2. Open Source
Open source software allows the code behind the software to be seen by the person who downloaded the software. This means the code can be edited to change the software.
Shareware allows access to the public however the creator can be given money by anyone willing to pay for the software however if you do not wish to pay for it you don’t have to.
3. Trialware
Trialware allows the buyer to try out the software for a certain period of time for free before buying the full version if the like it.
4. Freeware
Freeware is available to all of the public for free. This can still make money by companies paying for their advertisements to appear on the software. The more successful the software is with the public the more companies will want their advertisements to appear on your software.
5. Pirateware
Pirateware is something which has been illegally changed so that you don’t need a code to download it and you do not have to pay for it e.g. downloading a movie on your computer without having to pay for it.
Software Uses - use scrollers

1. Office
Offices use lots of different pieces of software to help their business run smoothly.
a. Word processor
Word processor is a way of manipulating text to create a document such as a letter.
b. Spreadsheet
Spreadsheets are basically a giant piece of squared paper made up of individual cells, which is often used for creating tables and stocksheets.
c. Database
Databases are collections of information that are structured in some way to permit searching and/or manipulating data

d. Presentation
A presentation is a series of slides which are often used to give information to an audience.

2. Specialist Systems
Specialist systems are created to do very specific tasks such as medical systems.
a. Financial Accounts
Financial accounts are used by banks to show people’s bank details and security questions.
b. Personnel
Personnel is a way of storing data of lots of people such as employee’s details at a large company or student’s details in a school.
c. Medical records
Medical records are the record of each individual persons past at that medical centre. This can include past prescriptions or illnesses
d. Medical diagnostic
How to record various medications or illnesses of patients.

3. Internet
The internet is used to search questions or details.
a. Web browsers
Web browsers are different search engines used to search things over the internet. They use different software to be used for the same task.
b. HTML editors
HTML editors are used to create and edit your own websites
c. Email
Email is used for sending and receiving texts as a way of communication over the internet.
d. Blogs
Blogs are like websites, created by users they are used for sharing by the creator whether it is personal pictures and texts or a future sports commentator sharing videos of past games with their own commentary.
e. Wiki
A website created as a source of information which can be edited by the public.

4. Graphics
Graphics are used for creating and editing pictures.
a. Photo edit
Photo edit allows you to edit any photo whether you need to fix red eyes, rotate the picture or make the colours more vibrant.
b. Drawing
Drawing is a tool used for creating pictures on your computer.
c. Desk top publishing
Desk top publishing is the creation of documents using page layout on your personal computer.
d. Paint
Paint is another drawing tool used to create pictures with different paint accessories for example paint brush or spray can.

5. Recreation
a. PC games
PC games are local games often on discs played by single players on their PCs
b. Online games
Online games are on a broader basis than PC games as they are played over the internet making multiplayer options available.
c. Virtual Realities - SecondLife & Open Sim
Virtual realities are digital worlds created to be like our own but online to play with friends.
d. MMORPGs - World of Warcraft
Massive multiplayer online rolplay games are games played by millions of players worldwide. In the games the point is to team up with other players to complete a goal or quest and defeat opponants.

Software Worksheet