IT & Medicine

Uses of IT in the medical practice
It and medicine has become more and more advanced over the years. It is used in more medical departments now than ever before here are some examples of where it is used:

1. Scanners & Xray
Scanners and xrays are some of the most commonly known methods of using IT in medical environments. Scanners scan the body to receive information about a patient’s illness or injury. There are various examples of scanners eg: MRI scans or ultrasound scnas. Xrays can examine the skeletal part of the body checking for broken bones and fractures.

2. Diagnosis – expert system
IT is also used for diagnosing patients. A diagnosis can be concluded by the doctor entering visible symptoms into a computer or attaching cables/wires to the patient and using electrodes to get a diagnosis.

3. Monitoring
Monitoring is a key part of a patient’s well-being and IT plays a large part in showing heart monitors, respiration monitors or glucose levels which all tell the doctor how the patient is doing.

4. Communication
Communication needs IT as well as if a patient picked up by an ambulance needs immediate help before reaching the hospital then the paramedics and other doctors in the ambulance can speak on a phone or video across to the hospital to be told what needs to be done by the more experienced doctors.

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