Data Types
Why do we need different data types?
We need different data types because different files need different methods of saving the formatting. For example a spreadsheet needs to have the formatting saved for rows and columns where as an image would need to bitmap each pixel.

Binary code basically consists of 1s and 0s as it is like a switch meaning that it can only be either on or off.
Text files
A method of saving simple unformatted text files. This is helpful in the event of transferring text data from one software to another as all types of software can read text files.
Rtf is like txt however it has some formatting to do with how the text is to appear for example bold/italic, font and size.
Doc and docx
A doc is a document usually made on word however it can be any document containing text. A docx is a more improved version with more formatting and other extras.
Open document text is a free download version of a software like word known as open office.

Graphic files`
In a bitmap image all the pixels are individually mapped with a colour meaning that from a distance the human eye is fooled into seeing it as a smooth colour. The problem with this formatting is that if zoomed in too much then it will look pixilated and dotty as you will be able to see each pixel.
A gif is a common graphics format which uses large blocks of the same colour meaning it works best on images with large areas filled with one colour such as clip art.
jpegs work for photographic images as they make the file size smaller by removing anything considered unessessary however this can sacrifice quality.
This is a good quality file format which when scaled larger it does not lose quality.
A large file type used mainly by graphics artists as it does not lose quality when the scale is increased.

Data files
Txt data type allows you to type in text numbers and symbols without formatting.

Comma separated values is where each section of data is separated by a comma for example columns in a table are separated just by commas.
An Xls is a exel spreadsheet file created by microsoft originally only so that the company’s application was able to read and write them.
Operational data store contains small amounts of information which can be updated and used for transitions between companies.

Video files
A method of making moving sprites on the internet that have very low file sizes.
Motion picture experts group is a method of creating reasonably small file sizes with working motion picture however if size is zoomed in it will lose quality.
Windows media video is a file type which can contain videos compressed.
Video file format used in apple Quicktime program.
Method of storing video used by adobe flash player.

Audio files
Wav is a microsoft and IBM audio file standard for storing audio files on a PC.
Windows Media Audio was developed by microsoft and it forms part of the windows media framework.
Audio file format which uses a form of lossy data compression (partially deletes not needed data) and is for consumer use.
PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format
A PDF is a method of saving a file so that others cannot edit it.
Why is pdf required
PDF is required so that when downloads are on webpages they can be loaded on any type of computer.
Benefits of pdf files
The benefits of PDFs are that they cannot be edited by others on their computers and it can be loaded by anyone anywhere.
Uses for pdf files
PDF files are commonly used on websites as worksheet downloads and can therefore be printed off by the user.