What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device capable of receiving and sending data as well as performing user tasks such as stock control, emails, manufacturing, etc. Computers use a series of wires and buttons to interact with the user and change what they input into a form which the computer can understand and display.

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and Mechanical engineer who is often remembered for his concept of a computer. Charles Babbage credited with being the inventor of the first mechanical computer which eventually led to more complex designs such as the computers we use today. Ada Lovelace was credited with being the first computer programmer. She also translated and wrote literature supporting the project that Babbage invented.

WW2 Colossus

Colossus was the first programmable computer which was designed to break codes in WW2. It was designed by Tommy Flowers and was made of telephone parts. It was originally designed to solve a problem created by mathematician Max Newman. The destruction of many versions of Colossus to delete any evidence or blueprints means that the only working colossus is a replica created in 2007. The colossus computer helped the British to win the war however Hitler did plan to take a closer look at it. But after the decision that is was a waste of money he never did and thankfully it did not lead to having colossus help him to code break and also create more intricate designs.

Post war LEO
LEO was one of the first user friendly computers in the world which was created for a small corner shop named Lyons. Lyons had a few stores in London and used Lyons to work out the amount of stock that each manager needed to buy so that none would be wasted.

1980s PCs
The first apple mac was created in 1984 and was one of the first pcs. The first windows computer was created later in the 1990s.

Modern examples

Modern computers include the apple mac, windows pc and dell computers/laptops. Many people will have a pc in their home and the work place.

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